Our Services

We provide a complete service including:

  • Completion of all relevant vessel clearance documentation
  • Supervision of loading and discharging of cargo
  • Cargo customs clearance
  • Crew changes and repatriation
  • Sourcing of supplies and spare parts (clearing & delivering)
  • Arranging Any kind of vessel repairs./Providing materials Requested.
  • Loading/Discharge attendance Arranging (Labores.Gangs And All Equipment) For loading/Discharging Operations
  • Ship Lay-up
  • Port State and customs formalities
  • ENS Cargo advance declaration arrangement

Shipping Services

  • Bunkers and Lubricants
  • Repairs and Dry-docking
  • Hull, deck and engine survey support
  • Garbage and Waste oil disposal services
  • Hotel bookings
  • Underwater repairs, cleaning, photography
  • Ship to Ship Services

Supplies / Logistics

  • Ship’s supply (provisions, freshwater, bonded stores etc.)
  • Delivery services (cash to master, spares, mail and stores)
  • Airfreight clearance
  • Local Purchases
  • Warehouse storage

Any equipment Required and supervision Cargo Inspection- Cargo Documentation Services- Vetting inspections- Handling and delivery Husbandry services of cargo additives- Tug boat service- Medical support- Technical support- S/Parts supply and delivery- Clearing- Warehousing and Storage- Provisions and F/Water supply

Protecting Agent

It Means All booked services (for instance bunker, crew changes, chandlery, medical/legal support, nautical charts, dry docking), to post-departure follow-up with information and communications on costs and disbursement accounts in reasonable prices.

Proudly We Can Say

Our Company won over the world of shipping, consolidating and adding to the list of shipping companies represented by our activities of our Enterprise. Today the daily business of shippers is to meet the needs of everyone who uses port services, but what is newest in our profession is the creation of a “complete service system”. Service provision must include all customer needs: our job consists on anticipating those needs.

Agency services

For three generations now we aim at providing high-quality Agency services in a timely and efficient manner.Being in business for many years we have gained experience in attending all kind of vessels and cargo operations (including General cargo, Dry Bulk, Oil Tankers, Cruise, RO-RO vessels).
Our privately owned offices/terminals are located inside ports which Increase flexibility in presenting our services. We Have terminal of 1500 squared meters inside port under shipping Agency supervision. ( For multi purposes Serving Vessels). Beside Huge Terminals Under Our Stevedoring Co.Custody. Additionally, we have established a comprehensive network of affiliated agencies throughout Egypt allowing us to offer our services in most of the Egyptian ports.
We are looking for highly secure our clients information and improper business workout.


Al Nagah Stevedoring Co. More than 45 years and Al Sad Alaaly stevedoring Co. in loading and discharging activities In all kinds/shapes of cargo.Following and developing the best techniques Over this years until reached the high excellent experienced and well trained labors of which leads to modern/smooth handling cargo. The construction of our own Yards helping us meet our customers’ operational needs and the requirements of our activities and has enabled us to optimize the consolidation of time schedules and offer customers a wider range of delivery times and to achieve the best the shipment monitoring levels possible and offer an even higher quality of service.
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