Location 68 Al Horia Avenue. Alexandria, Egypt

Import & Export

Import & Export

Alsad Alaaly Exporter and wholesale traders of all kind agricultural and dry food.
We are regular exports of fruits, veg, onion and potatoes our major export destination europe, russia, K.S.A and U.S.A.
Quality is being our most importance to us.

Import/Export Business Essentials

  • Understanding the Global Market.
  • Create a List of Products That You Would Like to Import or Export.
  • Supply Sourcing.
  • Product Pricing.
  • Locating Customers.
  • Establishing Logistics.

Why Choose This Service

Compatitive Price

The Best Prices Ever. (You Can Compare)

Quick Delivery

We Offer Our Best Quality Services To Our Clients.

Service Delivery

All What You Need is Available (Winches,Cranes.Forklifts with all capacities & Barges)

Professional Team

Our expert teams around the various ports are available 24 hours a day.

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